Simple and Fast Workflow

  1. Upload and calibrate the dental photos
  2. Choose your case (e.g. crown or veneer)
  3. Select your ceramic brand (e.g e.max ceram)
  4. Measure dentin color of the target tooth
...and get a customised shade matching solution!

Use it for every case

With Matisse recipes you can solve single centrals, aesthetic veneers/ smile design, full rehabilitations, combined cases with implant crowns and maryland bridges, etc.

Get the correct framework

Never guess which framework to choose again! Matisse's unique approach indicates the exact ingot/disks, in precise thickness for each zone (cervical, middle, incisal).

Copy the natural dentin color

Match young teeth with bright-opaque ceramic mixes, middle-aged teeth with translucent recipes, and old-aged teeth (sclerotic dentin) with transparent recipes.

Innovation and Precision

Matisse predicts the outcome of every layer to achieve the perfect color match. The only thing left for you to do is mix and match!

Innovation and Precision

Matisse predicts the outcome of every layer to achieve the final color match. The only thing left for you to do is mix and match.

The preparation color influences the final result. Matisse takes this into consideration to give you precise recipes for the next layers.

By taking the preparation color and available space into consideration, Matisse gives you an optimal framework advice in precise thickness and color.

The software provides powder mixtures to match the dentin color and copy the natural fluorescence. Matisse does not use stains/pigments in the recipes.

Matisse generates recipes for mamelons, discolouration, light absorption, sclerotic dentin and other internal characterisations.

The software gives customized recipes adjusted to the natural skin enamel types: milky, translucent, transparent.

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Matisse is very simple and easy to use. You get customised ceramic powder recipes for every case to match the final dentin and enamel color. You don't have to guess which framework to choose and in which thickness to make it in.

Equipment required:
  • DSLR camera (full frame or APS-C)
  • Macro lens (80 to 105mm)
  • Ring flash or lateral flashes
  • Crossed polarization filter
  • Mac or PC with the latest version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari installed
  • High bandwidth internet connection
In addition, the following tools may also apply:
  • Grey Card L*76 Whibal
  • Vita 3D Master shade guide
  • Grey Card L*79 or L*80
  • Smile Line portioners or any universal portioners
  • Empty ceramic bottle to mix the recipes

Ceramic Brands:
  • Celtra Ceram
  • GC Initial LiSi
  • GC Initial Zr-FS
  • GC Initial MC
  • NovaCer
  • IPS e.max Ceram
  • IPS Style Ceram
  • Noritake Cerabien CZR
  • Soprano 10
  • Noritake Super Porcelain EX-3
  • VITA VM 9
  • VITA VM 13
  • Creation ZI-CT
  • Celtra Press
  • KATANA zirconia
  • GC Initial LiSi Press
  • PFM
  • IPS e.max Press

*Matisse is constantly updated with new ceramic and framework brands.

To find more information and examples go to User's Manual

Matisse always offers you dedicated support. The software and webpage includes a chat box where you can directly communicate your questions to us or request for general help.
You can also send us an email at  to arrange a Zoom call with Marat Awdaljan or an official Matisse trainer to guide you with your first case using Matisse.

More questions?  Check out our Starter Guide

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