No. Unfortunately, Android lacks a functionality essential to the Optishade Styleitaliano (OS) system, and it cannot work safely in that environment. At the moment, there are no future plans to bring Optishade Styleitaliano (OS) to Android. It is suggested to have a dedicated iOS device for measuring.

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iPad Air (4th generation) Requires Optishade Styleitaliano USB-C cable
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iPad Mini 4
iPad Mini (5th generation)
iPad Pro (1st generation)
iPad Pro (3rd generation and later) requires Optishade USB cable

Yes. Besides getting the precise and accurate L*a*b* coordinates, Optihsade allows comparison with ready made shade guides through a constantly updated database to compare the best match to commercial Shade Guide libraries. You can download and update colors for your library from


Note: Matching a Vita Classic or Vita 3D color can be extremely difficult with ceramics, as recreating the exact color of a shadeguide requires much more information than the nomenclature of the ceramic powder. The Matisse software provides also recipes to match Vita Shade guides.

No. With Optishade Styleitaliano you don’t need shade guides, DSRL cameras, grey cards, cross polarization filters or brackets. Optishade Styleitaliano already has all the functions needed for color matching.

Double shade matching, and any additional data, is always appreciated, as it provides extra info about tooth appearance and can sometimes make us aware about possible errors. Classical shade matching becomes less of a necessity with this kind of technology.

While Optishade StyleItaliano and Matisse Software can work independently, Matisse nevertheless becomes a must-have for the dental technician to achieve a perfect shade matching with ceramics.
When reading the tooth color with Optishade, the screen provides the closest match on Vita Classic/ Vita 3D Master shade guides, but taking a customised color and still trying to match a shade guide will lead to the same unpredictable results, guessing during the build-up and remakes.

Matisse gives the dental techniciam all the tools they need to get the color of any natural tooth right with the first attempt.

Predictability is key: You will know if the restoration is a shade match before sending it to the dentist. Even if it’s not you can correct it easily in Matisse staining studio.

When used in optimal conditions, the calibration cap should be changed every month. When the white reference is touched, scratched, has visible contamination and if there is any chance of cross contamination, it has to be immediately replaced. Calibration caps are disposable, and they can be bought separately in packs of 5.

A sub-optimal state of the Calibration Cap may compromise the accuracy of the full system.

The hard case is an optional accessory designed for traveling with Optishade with a very compact solution. It is sold separately, as, If your intention is to use Optishade Styleitaliano in the office, you don’t need it.

Optishade fits in the palm of your hand, it has a convenient price, it has a repeatability of 0,4 DE or better, it needs no subscription for using the device, it doesn’t collect your data, it has color readings aligned with spectrophotometer, it compares the readings with common ready-made shade guides, it enables to send data via WhatsApp (and all other iOS communication channels) and receives App updates constantly. It is compatible with the Matisse software, which allows you to predict the mixing and layering of seamless ceramic crowns and veneers.

Optishade Styleitaliano gets precise and accurate L*a*b* coordinates for each color and its appearance in the mouth. With this precise data, there are endless applications.

The most important is the compatibility with the Matisse software for perfect ceramic restorations. With this software, you can calculate the substructure, ceramic mixing, framework staining and many other color features for ceramic restorations in challenging color matching cases, taking into account the substrate and available space among other things.

Optishade is useful for color research, shade estimation, treatment quality check, bleaching tracking, side-to-side comparison, aging of dental materials, denture teeth selection and to track any color change that might occur in natural teeth or dental materials. Future applications are already being developed.

Regarding accuracy, Optishade Styleitaliano (OS) readings are aligned with spectrophotometer data, meaning that when reading shiny surfaces within the dental color space the measurements have an average error under 0,5 DE. Those numbers, obtained with the highest standards allow OS numbers to be extrapolated to applications in colorimetry for research and material development.

Repeatability tests were done with more than 10,000 measurements that fell into the declared precision values (0,2 to 0,4 DE94 in the same device and 0,3 to 0,5 DE94 with different devices).

If you need to perform an accuracy or repeatability test for research purposes, contact jordi@styleitaliano.org

More questions? Email us at: info@matisse.ai

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