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Matisse ColorModel Resin

€535.00/ full set

The ColorModel Resin kits available again on 20 May. Pre-order your kit by clicking “Add to cart”

Replicate the color of the preparation and adjacent teeth precisely with Matisse ColorModel resin.

The Matisse ColorModel resin full kit consists of 6x dentin colors in the kit, 2x flowable stains and 1x cold-curing liquid.

ColorModel resin:

  • CM 0 (50gr)
  • CM 1 (50gr)
  • CM 2 (50gr)
  • CM 3 (50gr)
  • CM 4 (50gr)
  • CM Gray (50gr)
  • Cold Curing liquid (100ml)

ColorModel Stains:

  • Black
  • Brown

Optishade StyleItaliano

€1590.00/ full set

The most precise colorimeter created for dentistry. Connect the palm-fitting device with your phone, take the shade of the natural tooth and read the color measurements on your phone screen.

Optishade is intended to be used together with Matisse Software to simplify your restoration projects.

The images taken by OS can directly be imported into Matisse, which can be further used to generate ceramic recipes.

The full set includes:

Device Optishade StyleItaliano (1pc), capture guide cone (4pcs), calibration cap (4pcs), and two cables (lightning and USB)

Photo Calibration Cards

€49.00 / 2 cards

Created for the purpose of dental shade matching.

Intended to be used with DSLR camera only.

Designed for easy placement into the patient’s mouth.

Photo Calibration on L*80.